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The Caledon Hotel and Spa in the Western Cape offers a world-class spa experience with six treatment rooms, a Rain Spa, and Natural Warm Mineral Baths. Guests can enjoy a holistic approach to well-being, exclusive couple’s treatments, and delectable light lunches. The hotel also offers a variety of accommodation options, stunning views, entertainment, dining, and a rewards program for members.


The Caledon Hotel and Spa is a world-class destination located in the picturesque Western Cape of South Africa. Nestled in the serene Overberg region, this luxurious spa offers an array of treatments and facilities designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall well-being.

With its holistic philosophy that nurtures physical, mental, and spiritual health, The Caledon Spa provides guests with a tranquil oasis where they can escape from their daily stresses. Boasting six treatment rooms staffed by skilled therapists who are dedicated to providing exceptional service, visitors can indulge in various therapies tailored to meet their individual needs.

Rain Spa: An Invigorating Journey for the Senses

One highlight of The Caledon Spa experience is the Rain Spa – an invigorating journey for all senses. This unique facility utilizes hot and cold water therapy techniques such as water jets, steam baths, and showers to revitalize both body and mind. The result? A truly transformative experience that leaves guests feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world once again.

Natural Warm Mineral Baths: Serenity and Wellness

For those seeking ultimate serenity, the Natural Warm Mineral Baths at The Caledon Spa offer an idyllic setting for complete relaxation. These soothing baths provide not only tranquility but also numerous benefits for your skin, muscles, joints, and general wellness. Immerse yourself in these warm mineral-rich waters and let your worries melt away as you soak up the healing properties of nature’s gifts to us.

Exclusive Couple’s Treatments and Delightful Dining

In addition to its extensive range of treatments and facilities, The Caledon is also known for offering exclusive couple’s treatments. This is perfect for those looking to reconnect with their loved ones or create unforgettable moments together. Whether it is a romantic getaway or simply wanting to spend quality time, you can enjoy blissful pampering side by side at this exquisite spa. To make it even more special, guests have the option of requesting a delectable light lunch served right at the spa upon request. So why not indulge in a day of luxury and relaxation with your partner at The Caledon Spa?

Whether you are seeking solace, rejuvenation, or simply some time to unwind, The Caledon Spa is the perfect destination. With its stunning location in the Western Cape and an array of treatments and facilities designed for ultimate pampering, this world-class spa promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world once again.

The Caledon Hotel and Spa: A World-Class Destination in the Western Cape

Nestled in the picturesque region of the Western Cape, The Caledon Hotel and Spa offers a world-class spa experience that is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. This luxurious destination spa boasts an array of treatments and facilities set amidst the stunning backdrop of the Overberg region.

Ultimate Relaxation in Six Treatment Rooms

At The Caledon Spa, guests can indulge in ultimate relaxation with six treatment rooms designed to cater to your every need. Whether you’re seeking a soothing massage or a revitalizing facial, their team of skilled therapists will ensure that you are pampered from head to toe.

The Rain Spa: An Invigorating Sensory Experience

One highlight at The Caledon Spa is undoubtedly its Rain Spa – an invigorating sensory experience like no other. Immerse yourself in hot and cold water therapies as well as steam showers for complete indulgence. Let go of all stress as water jets work their magic on tired muscles, leaving you feeling renewed both physically and mentally.

Natural Warm Mineral Baths for Serenity and Health Benefits

For those looking for something truly unique, The Natural Warm Mineral Baths at The Caledon offer serenity unlike any other. These baths provide not only relaxation but also numerous health benefits due to their natural mineral content – perfect for unwinding after a long day exploring everything this beautiful area has to offer.

Embracing Holistic Wellness Principles

Embracing holistic wellness principles, The Caledon believes in nurturing physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through its range of treatments and services. Their exclusive couple’s treatments are specially crafted to deepen connections between partners while creating unforgettable moments together. Ask about their delectable light lunch options served upon request for added convenience during your visit.

Gift Vouchers for the Perfect Present

To make your time even more special, the spa offers gift vouchers which make perfect presents for loved ones who deserve some much-needed pampering. Whether it’s a birthday surprise or simply showing someone how much they mean, you can’t go wrong with the gift of full relaxation at this world-class spa.

Exceptional Accommodation Options

The Caledon Hotel and Spa is not just a haven for relaxation, but also offers exceptional accommodation options. With 50 Superior Rooms, 38 Standard Rooms, and 6 Luxury Suites to choose from, you can rest assured that your stay will be nothing short of luxurious. Whether you prefer waking up to breathtaking views of the Klein Swartberg Mountains or enjoying the tranquility of the hotel’s landscaped gardens, the choice is yours.

Entertainment and Dining Options

In addition to its outstanding spa facilities and accommodations, The Caledon Hotel offers a range of entertainment options for guests. The casino at The Caledon is open seven days a week, giving you plenty of time to enjoy gaming excitement at your leisure. Three restaurants on-site offer casual dining, buffets, and à la carte menus, satisfying even the most discerning palate. Upcoming events and promotions are regularly featured, making sure that there’s always something exciting happening during your visit.

Tsogo Sun Rewards Program and Contact Information

As part of the Tsogo Sun group, a leading hospitality company in South Africa, The Caledon Hotel and Spa is proud to be licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Membership in Tsogo Sun Rewards program allows guests to enjoy exclusive benefits during their stay. For more information about other hotels within the group or additional locations, Tsogosun.com provides all the details needed to plan future getaways.

Whether you’re seeking ultimate relaxation or an unforgettable getaway experience, the combination of luxurious accommodations, outstanding spa treatments, fine dining options, and entertainment makes The Caledon a must-visit destination within the wonderful Western Cape region.

Spa Treatments and Facilities

The Caledon Hotel and Spa offers a range of spa treatments and facilities designed to provide guests with the ultimate relaxation experience. With six treatment rooms, The Caledon Spa ensures that each guest receives personalized attention in a serene environment.

Rain Spa: Sensory-Evoking and Rejuvenating Experience

One of the highlights at The Caledon is the Rain Spa, which provides a sensory-evoking and rejuvenating experience. This unique spa feature invigorates the body through various water therapies such as hot and cold water immersion, water jets, steam baths, showers, and more. Guests can indulge their senses while enjoying these therapeutic treatments that promote relaxation and well-being.

Natural Warm Mineral Baths: Serenity Amidst Nature’s Beauty

For those seeking serenity amidst nature’s beauty, The Caledon also features Natural Warm Mineral Baths. These mineral-rich baths offer not only physical benefits but also create an atmosphere of tranquility for complete mind-body harmony. Immerse yourself in these warm waters surrounded by breathtaking views of the Overberg region – it truly is an oasis for revitalization.

Whether you choose one or all three options – Treatment Rooms for personalized pampering sessions; Rain Spa for sensory indulgence; or Natural Warm Mineral Baths to unwind completely – your visit to The Caledon will leave you feeling refreshed both inside out.

Holistic Philosophy and Exclusive Couple’s Treatments

At The Caledon Spa, they embrace a holistic philosophy that aims to nurture physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Their treatments are designed not only to relax the body but also to rejuvenate the mind and uplift the spirit.

One of their highlights is their exclusive couple’s treatments which offer an opportunity for couples to deepen their connections while enjoying a pampering experience together. These special treatments create unforgettable moments as partners indulge in relaxation side by side.

To enhance this intimate experience further, guests can request a delectable light lunch served at the spa. This allows couples or friends spending time together at The Caledon Spa to enjoy nourishing food alongside their wellness journey.

The combination of nurturing therapies with delicious cuisine creates an all-encompassing sensory delight that leaves guests feeling refreshed on every level – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Operating Hours and Gift Vouchers

The Caledon Spa understands the importance of convenience for its guests. To ensure that you can make the most of your spa experience, they have set specific operating hours for their Mineral Baths and Treatment Centre.

Natural Warm Mineral Baths

The Natural Warm Mineral Baths are open from Tuesday to Sunday, allowing you ample time throughout the week to indulge in this serene and revitalizing experience. The baths operate between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM, giving you a full day’s worth of relaxation.

Treatment Centre

For those seeking additional pampering at the Treatment Centre, it is open every day from Monday to Sunday. You can schedule your treatments between 09:00 AM and 06:00 PM on weekdays or take advantage of extended evening hours until 08:30 PM on weekends.

Gift Vouchers

To enhance flexibility even further, The Caledon Spa offers gift vouchers that allow your loved ones to choose their preferred treatment or package at a later date. These vouchers make excellent gifts for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries when you want someone dear to enjoy some well-deserved self-care.

Whether it’s an indulgent massage session or a rejuvenating facial treatment – with these gift vouchers in hand – recipients will be able to select exactly what suits them best within The Caledon Spa’s extensive range of offerings.

Purchasing these thoughtful tokens is easy; simply contact The Caledon Hotel directly through their website or give them a call using the provided contact information. Their friendly staff will guide you through all necessary steps so that both purchasing process itself becomes part-and-parcel-of-the-gift-experience!

With flexible operating hours designed around guest needs along with convenient options like gift voucher purchases available year-round – there’s no better way than visiting South Africa’s renowned destination spa!

Accommodation Options at The Caledon Hotel

The Caledon Hotel in the Western Cape offers a variety of accommodation options to suit every guest’s needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a comfortable room or seeking luxury, The Caledon has it all.

Superior Rooms:

The Superior Rooms at The Caledon Hotel provide guests with spacious and well-appointed accommodations. These rooms offer modern amenities and stylish decor, ensuring a pleasant stay. Guests can enjoy stunning views of either the Klein Swartberg Mountains or the hotel’s beautifully landscaped gardens from their windows.

Standard Rooms:

For those who prefer simplicity without compromising on comfort, the Standard Rooms at The Caledon are an excellent choice. These cozy rooms feature all necessary amenities for a relaxing stay while providing affordability.

Paraplegic Room:

At The Caledon Hotel, accessibility is important to ensure that everyone feels welcome. That is why they have a dedicated Paraplegic Room available which caters specifically to individuals with mobility challenges. This specially designed room provides ease of movement and convenience without sacrificing style or comfort.

Luxury Suites:

If you’re looking for ultimate indulgence during your stay at The Caledon Hotel, consider booking one of their luxurious suites. These opulent spaces boast elegant furnishings along with additional living areas where guests can unwind after exploring everything this beautiful region has to offer. With breathtaking views overlooking either the majestic Klein Swartberg Mountains or meticulously manicured gardens, these suites create an atmosphere perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

No matter which type of accommodation option you choose – be it a Superior Room, Standard Room, Paraplegic Room, or Luxury Suite – rest assured that each space has been thoughtfully designed keeping in mind both functionality as well as aesthetics to make sure your experience exceeds expectations.

Entertainment and Dining at The Caledon Hotel

The Caledon Hotel offers a range of entertainment options to enhance your stay. Whether you’re feeling lucky or simply looking for some fun, the casino is open seven days a week. With its vibrant atmosphere and exciting games, it’s the perfect place to try your luck.


When it comes to dining, The Caledon Hotel has three restaurants that cater to every taste bud. From casual dining experiences to indulgent buffets and à la carte menus, there is something for everyone.

[Restaurant Name]

This restaurant provides a relaxed ambiance where guests can enjoy delicious meals in comfort. Offering an extensive menu with diverse culinary delights prepared by skilled chefs using fresh ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.

[Restaurant Name]

If you have an appetite for variety, this buffet-style restaurant will not disappoint! Feast on an array of delectable dishes from around the world while enjoying stunning views of [scenic location]. Indulge in mouthwatering starters, main courses bursting with flavor, and decadent desserts – all served up in style!

[Restaurant Name]

For those seeking a fine dining experience, this elegant establishment serves exquisite cuisine crafted by talented chefs who take pride in creating memorable gastronomic journeys. The carefully curated à la carte menu features gourmet creations made from only the finest quality ingredients paired perfectly with exceptional wines selected from their impressive cellar collection.

In addition to these fantastic dining options, the hotel also hosts various events throughout the year including live music performances, gaming promotions, and special themed nights. Check out our website regularly so as not to miss any upcoming events or promotions happening during your visit!

Tsogo Sun Rewards Program and Contact Information

The Caledon Hotel and Spa is proud to be part of the Tsogo Sun group, which offers a rewards program for its members. By joining the Tsogo Sun Rewards Program, guests can enjoy exclusive benefits and earn points that can be redeemed at various participating hotels, resorts, restaurants, spas, and entertainment venues.

As a member of the rewards program, you will have access to special promotions tailored specifically for loyal customers. These promotions may include discounted room rates or spa treatments as well as dining vouchers or gaming credits at The Caledon Casino.

To sign up for the Tsogo Sun Rewards Program or learn more about its benefits and terms & conditions visit [insert link].

For any inquiries regarding membership details or assistance with your account information please contact our friendly customer service team:


+27 (0) 28 XXX XXXX



Our dedicated staff are available to assist you from Monday through Sunday between 9 AM – 6 PM.

We also encourage you to explore other locations within the extensive network of properties offered by Tsogo Sun by visiting their website [insert link]. Discover new destinations where you can continue earning points while enjoying exceptional hospitality across South Africa.

Joining the Tsogo Sun Rewards Programme allows us not only reward your loyalty but enhance every aspect of your stay here at The Caledon Hotel And Spa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the operating hours of The Caledon Spa?

The Caledon Spa operates from Monday to Sunday. The Treatment Centre is open from 09:00 AM to 06:00 PM, providing ample time for guests to indulge in their desired treatments and therapies. On Tuesdays through Sundays, the Natural Warm Mineral Baths can be enjoyed between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM.

Question 2: What treatments are offered at The Caledon Spa?

The Caledon Spa offers a wide range of luxurious treatments designed to promote relaxation and rejuvenation. Guests can choose from various massages such as Swedish massage, hot stone therapy, aromatherapy massage, or deep tissue massage. Additionally, there are facial treatments available including hydrating facials and anti-aging facials using premium skincare products.

For those seeking holistic wellness experiences, body wraps infused with natural ingredients like seaweed or mud provide detoxification benefits while promoting skin health. Other services include manicures/pedicures for nail care enthusiasts as well as waxing services for smooth skin.

Question 3: Can I purchase gift vouchers for The Caledon Spa?

Yes! Gift vouchers make perfect presents for loved ones who deserve some pampering at this world-class spa retreat in South Africa’s Western Cape region. Whether it’s a birthday surprise or an anniversary celebration, gift vouchers allow recipients to select their preferred treatment(s) based on personal preferences. These thoughtful gifts ensure that your friends, family members, and colleagues have access to ultimate relaxation whenever they desire.

Question 4: What accommodation options does The Caledon Hotel offer?

At The Caledon Hotel, you will find a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs. The hotel features Superior Rooms, Standard Rooms, a Paraplegic Room, and Luxury Suites. All rooms come equipped with modern amenities and offer stunning views of either the Klein Swartberg Mountains or the hotel’s beautifully landscaped gardens. Whether you are traveling alone, with a partner, or with family, The Caledon Hotel has accommodations to ensure your stay is comfortable and memorable.

Question 5: What entertainment and dining options are available at The Caledon Hotel?

The Caledon Hotel offers an array of entertainment options for guests. The casino is open seven days a week from 09:00 AM to 01:00 AM (extended hours on Fridays and Saturdays). Guests can try their luck at various gaming tables or slot machines.

In addition to the casino experience, guests can enjoy three restaurants offering casual dining, buffets, and à la carte menus. The variety ensures that there is something for everyone’s taste buds. From quick bites to leisurely meals, enjoy delicious cuisine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Question 6: How can I become a member of the Tsogo Sun rewards program?

Becoming a member of the Tsogo Sun rewards program allows you access to exclusive benefits across multiple locations including The Caledon Spa. Membership provides opportunities for discounted rates, special promotions, and personalized services. To join this rewarding loyalty program, simply visit the Tsogo Sun website where registration details will be provided. Signing up takes just minutes, but unlocks endless possibilities!

Question 7: How can I contact The Caledon Hotel and Spa for more information?

For any inquiries about accommodations, reservations, treatments, dining options, and general queries, you may reach out directly to The Caledon Hotel and Spa by calling +27(0)28-2145100. Alternatively, you can send an email with your questions to info@thecaleadocasiono.co.za. A friendly staff member will be happy to assist you with any information you may need.


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