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Quick Summary

Camelot Spa is a leading spa group in Africa, offering a wide range of treatments aimed at restoring balance and providing a luxurious spa experience. With 15 branches across South Africa, as well as locations in Botswana and Nigeria, Camelot Spa provides a serene sanctuary for individuals to unwind, re-energize, and take care of their beauty needs.


Camelot Spa is a renowned spa group in Africa, offering an exceptional range of treatments and services across South Africa. With 15 branches located in various cities and even extending to Gaborone, Botswana, and Abuja, Nigeria, Camelot Spa has established itself as a leader in the industry.

At Camelot Spa, their mission is to provide guests with an unforgettable spa experience that goes beyond relaxation. They believe in restoring balance within the body while heightening the senses through their extensive menu of therapies. Whether you’re seeking rejuvenation for your mind or pampering for your body’s needs – they have it all covered.

With each visit to one of their serene sanctuaries scattered throughout different regions like Johannesburg, Sandton, Pretoria, Cape Town, and more, you can expect unparalleled service excellence from highly trained therapists who are dedicated to ensuring your utmost comfort during every treatment session.

From indulgent massage therapies designed to melt away stress and tension, to beauty treatments aimed at enhancing natural radiance, to specialized face, body, and wellness offerings tailored specifically for individual needs – there truly is something for everyone at Camelot Spa.

About Camelot Spa

Camelot Spa is a renowned spa group that has established itself as one of Africa’s leading providers of luxurious spa experiences. With 15 branches spread across South Africa, they have become synonymous with relaxation, rejuvenation, and exceptional service.

At Camelot Spa, their primary goal is to provide an unparalleled level of treatment excellence and create a serene sanctuary for individuals seeking solace from the stresses of everyday life. They understand the importance of balance in today’s fast-paced world and strive to restore harmony through their range of carefully curated treatments.

With each visit to Camelot Spa, guests can expect nothing less than pure indulgence. From soothing massages designed to melt away tension and promote deep relaxation to beauty treatments aimed at enhancing natural radiance – every experience at this esteemed establishment promises ultimate pampering.

What sets Camelot Spa apart is not only its commitment towards delivering top-notch services but also its dedication towards creating memorable moments for all who walk through its doors. Whether you are looking for some much-needed self-care or planning a special occasion celebration like birthdays or bridal showers – there’s no better place than Camelot Spa!

Their team consists of highly skilled therapists who possess extensive knowledge in various wellness practices ensuring that your needs are met with utmost care and professionalism throughout your journey within the tranquil walls.

So if you’re ready to embark on an extraordinary sensory adventure where luxury meets tranquility then look no further than any one among our 15 conveniently located branches across South Africa! Experience true bliss at Camelot Spas – where dreams come alive!

Treatments at Camelot Spa

At Camelot Spa, guests can indulge in a wide range of treatments aimed at restoring balance, heightening the senses, and providing a luxurious spa experience. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or rejuvenation, their menu offers something for everyone.

Massage Therapies:

Experience the healing power of touch with their expertly crafted massage therapies. From traditional Swedish massages to deep tissue techniques that target specific areas of tension, each treatment is designed to promote relaxation and relieve muscle soreness.

Beauty Treatments:

Enhance your natural beauty with an array of beauty treatments offered at Camelot Spa. Their skilled therapists use high-quality products and innovative techniques to provide services such as facials tailored to address individual skin concerns, manicures and pedicures for perfectly groomed hands and feet, waxing services for smooth skin all over the body, and more.

Specialized Face & Body Treatments:

Camelot Spa also offers specialized face and body treatments that go beyond basic pampering. These targeted therapies are designed to address specific needs like anti-aging concerns or detoxification processes using advanced technologies combined with nourishing ingredients. Their team will customize these treatments based on your unique requirements, to ensure optimal results while leaving you feeling refreshed from head-to-toe.

With every treatment they offer, Camelot Spas aim to create an environment where guests can escape from daily stresses and immerse themselves in pure bliss. Restore harmony within yourself by indulging in one (or several) of their exquisite offerings at any branch across South Africa, Botswana’s Gaborone, or Nigeria’s Abuja.

Locations of Camelot Spa

Camelot Spa has established itself as a premier spa group with branches located in various cities and countries. With 15 branches across South Africa, they have become synonymous with luxury and relaxation. Here is an overview of the different locations where you can find a Camelot Spa:


  • Camelot Spa Southern Sun Rosebank: Located at Cnr Tyrwhitt & Sturdee Avenue, Rosebank. Contact: 011 448 3600 Ext 40119 | WhatsApp 0727221225
  • Camelot Spa Melrose Arch: Located at 18 The High Street, 3rd Floor The Medical Centre, Melrose Arch Precinct. Contact: 011 684 1392 | WhatsApp 071 723 4814
  • Camelot Spa The Polofields: Located at Polofields Drive, Waterfall, Midrand. Contact: 010 541 0090 | WhatsApp 079 124 5771


  • Camelot Spa SEVEN Villa Hotel & Spa: Located at 160 Helen Road, Strathavon, Sandton. Contact: 011 384 4900 | WhatsApp 064 650 0209


  • Camelot Spa Protea Hotel Midrand: Located at Protea Hotel Midrand by Marriott, 14th Street, Noordwyk Ext 20, Halfway House. Contact: 066 490 0584 | WhatsApp 066 490 0584


  • Camelot Spa Central Square Menlyn Maine: Located at 1st Floor, Suite 5 Central Square Menlyn Maine, Corner Corobay and Aramist Avenue, Waterkloof Glen Ext 2, Pretoria. Contact: 010 054 6992 | WhatsApp 067 229 3205


  • Royal Spa at The Palace: Located at Ground Floor, The Palace Sun City Resort, Sun City, Rustenburg. Contact: +27 14 557 4337

Cape Town

  • Camelot Spa The Table Bay Hotel: Located at The Table Bay Hotel, Quay 6, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town. Contact: 021 406 5904 | WhatsApp 076 709 3047
  • Camelot Spa Lagoon Beach Hotel: Located at Lagoon Beach Hotel, 3rd Floor, 2 Lagoon Gate Drive, Milnerton. Contact: 021 528 2017
  • Camelot Spa GrandWest: Located at The Grand Hotel at GrandWest, 1 Jakes Gerwel Dr, Goodwood, Cape Town. Contact: 021 505 7053 | WhatsApp 082 636 7091
  • Camelot Spa Val de Vie: Located at Pearl Valley Clubhouse at Val de Vie Estate, R301, Wemmershoek Road, Paarl. Contact: 021 867 8001 (option 4) | WhatsApp 066 354 0093
  • Camelot Spa Le Franschhoek: Located at Le Franschhoek Hotel & Spa, 16 Minor Road, Franschhoek. Contact: 021 492 7904 | WhatsApp 079 666 9706

Port Elizabeth

  • Camelot Spa The Boardwalk: Located at The Boardwalk Hotel, Beach Road, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth. Contact: 041 507 9419 | WhatsApp 041 507 9419
  • TITE Medi Spa at Camelot Mantis No5 Boutique Art Hotel: Located at 5 Brighton Drive, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth. Contact: 041 008 5075

Umhlanga Rocks

  • Camelot Spa Pearls Mall: Located at Pearls Mall, Level 4, 6 Lagoon Drive, Umhlanga Rocks. Contact: 010 900 3156 | WhatsApp 082 518 1584

Gaborone, Botswana

  • Camelot Spa at The Grand Palm Hotel: Located at Bonnington Farm, Molepolole Road, Gaborone. Contact: (267) 363 7787/88 | WhatsApp +267 76 880 762

Abuja, Nigeria

  • Camelot Spa at The Dome: Located at The Dome, Plot 423 Cadastral Zone, Central Business District, Abuja. Contact: Tel: +234 9096672095 | WhatsApp +234 909 667 1999

Spa Wellness Branches and TITE Medi Spa by Camelot

Camelot Spa not only offers a wide range of treatments at their branches but also provides specialized services through their spa wellness branches and TITE Medi Spa. These additional offerings cater to specific needs and provide unique experiences for guests seeking targeted therapies.

Spa Wellness Branches:

In addition to the regular spa treatments, Camelot has dedicated spa wellness branches that focus on holistic well-being. These branches offer an array of services designed to promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and overall balance in mind, body, and spirit. From yoga classes to meditation sessions or even nutritional consultations with experts – these spas go beyond traditional pampering techniques.

Guests can indulge in various activities aimed at enhancing physical fitness while nurturing mental tranquility. The serene ambiance combined with expert guidance ensures a truly transformative experience for those looking for more than just surface-level beauty treatments.

TITE Medi Spa by Camelot:

For individuals seeking advanced skincare solutions or non-invasive cosmetic procedures performed under medical supervision, TITE (Transformative Innovative Therapeutic Experiences) is the answer. TITE combines cutting-edge technology with skilled professionals who specialize in delivering exceptional results without invasive measures.

At Tite Medispa, you will find state-of-the-art equipment used alongside clinically proven products. Their team consists of highly trained therapists who are experienced in providing personalized treatment plans tailored specifically towards each client’s goals. Whether it be skin tightening, laser hair removal, micro-needling, facial peels, botox injections, dermal fillers, and much more – Tite Medispa aims to deliver outstanding outcomes using safe, effective methods.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What are the opening hours of Camelot Spa?

Answer: The opening hours may vary depending on the branch. It is recommended to visit the official website or contact your preferred Camelot Spa location for their specific operating hours.

Question 2: How do I make a booking at Camelot Spa?

Answer: To make a booking at Camelot Spa, you can either call your desired branch directly using the provided contact information or use their online booking system if available. Their friendly staff will assist you in scheduling an appointment that suits your preferences.

Question 3: Are gift vouchers available?

Answer: Yes, gift vouchers are available at all branches of Camelot Spa. These vouchers make perfect gifts for loved ones who deserve some pampering and relaxation. You can purchase them directly from any spa location or inquire about e-vouchers through their website.

Question 4: Can I purchase spa products at Camelot Spa?

Answer: Absolutely! At most branches of Camelot Spas, they offer a range of high-quality skincare and beauty products that complement their treatments perfectly. These products include luxurious creams, serums, oils, and other essentials designed to enhance self-care routines even outside the spa environment. You can ask one of our knowledgeable therapists for recommendations based on your skin type and concerns during your next visit to Camelot Spa.

Question 5: Are there any special offers or packages available?

Answer: Yes, Camelot Spa frequently offers special deals and packages designed to meet your specific needs. These offerings may include discounted massages, facial treatments, body wraps, pamper days, and more. It is recommended to sign up to their newsletter or social media channels in order to stay updated on their latest promotions and always save on your next spa experience.

Question 6: Can I host a special event or celebration at Camelot Spa?

Answer: Yes, Camelot Spa is an ideal venue for hosting a special event or celebration. Whether it’s a birthday party, bachelorette, corporate event, or group outing, you can enjoy a pampering experience with your loved ones. Camelot Spa representatives will work closely with you to customize and tailor the package according to your event requirements. Contact the desired branch directly to book your special occasion at Camelot Spa.

Question 7: Are there any career opportunities at Camelot Spa?

Answer: Yes, Camelot Spa provides exciting career opportunities to individuals who are skilled in the beauty and wellness industry. They value passionate professionals who want to provide exceptional customer service and experiences. If you’re interested in a career such as a therapist, receptionist, supervisor, and more, it is recommended to submit your CV through their official website or email them for detailed information on current vacancies.

Question 8: How can I contact Camelot Spa for further inquiries?

Answer: For any additional questions or inquiries about their services and offerings, you can reach out to Camelot Spa by using the provided contact information on their official website. Each branch has its own phone number and WhatsApp details listed for your convenience. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have.


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