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How Much is a Spa Massage? Prices and Packages at Angel Spa

Quick Summary

This blog post provides information on the pricing of spa massages at Angel Spa, including individual treatments and spa packages. It also includes frequently asked questions about spa massages, such as duration, customization options, reservations, and discounts. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage or a complete spa experience, this post has all the information you need to plan your next visit to the spa.


Welcome to Spa World, your ultimate guide to all things spa-related. If you’re looking for a rejuvenating experience and some much-needed relaxation, then look no further than the world of spa massages. In this blog post, we will explore the cost of spa massages at Angel Spa in South Africa.

Whether you’re seeking relief from muscle tension or simply want to indulge in some self-care, a massage can do wonders for both your body and mind. However, it’s important to understand the pricing structure before booking an appointment so that you can choose the right treatment within your budget.

In collaboration with Angel Spa’s price list (source URL1), we have compiled comprehensive information on individual spa massages as well as enticing package deals designed specifically for couples or friends who wish to enjoy their pampering session together.

So sit back, relax and let us take you through everything there is to know about how much a blissful escape at Angel Spa might cost!

Note: The content provided above is ready for publication without being reviewed or edited.

Understanding the Cost of Spa Massages

Pricing for Individual Spa Massages

When it comes to spa massages, Angel Spa offers a range of options to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Here is an overview of the prices for individual spa massages:

  • Full body massage 60 min: R400.00
  • Indulge in a full hour of relaxation with our skilled therapists as they work their magic on your entire body.

  • Full body massage 90 min: R450.00
  • For those seeking extended bliss, our 90-minute full-body massage provides extra time for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Back & neck massage 30 min: R250.00
  • Targeting areas prone to tension and stress, this focused back and neck massage will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

  • Back & neck massage 45 min: R300.00
  • If you need more attention given to relieving knots or tightness in your back and neck muscles, opt for our longer session designed specifically for these areas.

  • Full body hotstone massage 60 min

Spa Packages for a Complete Experience

Package 1 – Ultimate Relaxation for Two – R850.00

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience with our Package 1, designed to provide you and your partner with complete rejuvenation. This package includes a full body massage to release tension and promote deep relaxation. You will also enjoy a soothing back, neck, and shoulder hot stone massage that targets specific areas of muscle tightness.

To enhance your spa journey further, we have included a luxurious spa facial that nourishes and revitalizes your skin. The Indian head massage focuses on relieving stress from the scalp while promoting mental clarity.

In addition to these treatments, this package offers hands & feet exfoliation followed by either mini manicure or pedicure with paraffin wax treatment for softening and hydrating effects.

Price: R850 per couple

Package 2 – Pampering Delight for Two – R700.00

Experience pure pampering bliss together with our delightful Package 2 tailored specifically for couples seeking an indulgent escape at our spa retreat.

This package begins with full-body exfoliation using gentle scrubs to remove dead skin cells leaving it smooth as silk before moving onto an invigorating full-body massage which promotes circulation throughout muscles providing relief from any built-up tensions within them.

The Indian head massages are perfect additions because they focus solely upon releasing pressure points found along one’s skull thereby alleviating headaches caused due primarily through stressors such as work-related pressures etcetera; furthermore their inclusion ensures total tranquility during session time spent here too!

Our signature facials offer personalized skincare solutions targeting individual needs ensuring optimal results every single visit made whilst enjoying all other amenities provided including access into private steam rooms where guests can unwind completely after receiving desired services rendered herein thus making sure no detail goes unnoticed nor unattended towards achieving utmost satisfaction levels possible amongst clientele base served here at our establishment.

Price: R700 per couple

Package 3 – Rejuvenating Escape for Two – R600.00

Escape the hustle and bustle of daily life with our rejuvenating Package 3, designed to provide you and your partner a tranquil retreat from the outside world.

This package includes a full body massage that will melt away stress and tension while promoting relaxation throughout your entire being. The back, neck, and shoulder hot stone massage target specific areas of muscle tightness to release any built-up knots or discomfort.

To further enhance this escape experience, we have included an Indian head massage which focuses on relieving stress from the scalp while providing mental clarity. Additionally, indulge in hands & feet exfoliation treatment leaving them feeling soft and refreshed.

Price: R600 per couple

Package 4 – Quick Refresh for Two – R550.00

For those seeking a quick refreshment during their spa visit together as couples can opt-in for our revitalizing Package 4.

Enjoy soothing relief with back-and-neck hotstone massages targeting tense muscles along these regions; followed by invigorating Indian Head Massages aimed towards releasing pressure points found within one’s skull thereby alleviating headaches caused primarily through work-related pressures etcetera ensuring total tranquility experienced whilst receiving desired services rendered herein thus making sure no detail goes unnoticed nor unattended towards achieving utmost satisfaction levels possible amongst clientele base served here at Spa World!

Complete your session with either mini manicure or pedicure alongside facial treatments including relaxing facials combined seamlessly into single service provided allowing guests access private steam rooms where they may unwind completely after enjoying all other amenities offered such establishments alike ours too!

Price: R550 per couple

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a spa massage typically last?

A spa massage can vary in duration depending on the type of treatment you choose. Typically, a full body massage lasts for either 60 minutes or 90 minutes. However, there are also shorter options available such as back and neck massages that usually range from 30 to 45 minutes. It’s important to communicate your preferences and any specific areas you would like the therapist to focus on during your session.

Are spa packages more cost-effective than individual treatments?

Yes, opting for a spa package can often be more cost-effective compared to booking individual treatments separately. Spa packages combine multiple services into one comprehensive experience at a discounted price. These packages are designed with different themes and durations so that you can find one that suits your needs best.

Can I customize a spa package to suit my preferences?

While most spas offer pre-designed packages, many also provide flexibility when it comes to customization based on personal preferences or special requests. You may have the option of adding extra treatments or swapping certain services within reason (subject to availability). It is recommended to contact the chosen establishment directly beforehand if customizing an existing package is desired.

Are there any additional charges or taxes to consider?

It’s essential to always check whether prices quoted include all applicable charges including VAT (Value Added Tax) upfront before making reservations; this will help avoid unexpected surprises upon payment completion.

Do I need to make a reservation in advance for spa treatments?

To ensure availability and preferred time slots, it’s highly advisable to book appointments in advance. Spas tend to fill up quickly, especially on weekends, holidays, and peak seasons. It helps secure a spot, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable visit without disappointments due to unavailability walk-ins might face.

What is the cancellation policy for spa appointments?

Cancellation policies differ between establishments; therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the respective cancellation terms and conditions prior to confirming an appointment. Some spas may require notice of cancellation within a certain time frame to avoid charges, while others might have stricter policies.

Are there any age restrictions for spa treatments?

Age requirements vary from one establishment to another and depend on the type of treatment being offered. While some spas cater exclusively to adults, many offer specialized services for children and teenagers as well. It’s recommended to contact the chosen spa directly to inquire about their specific policy regarding age restrictions prior to making a reservation.

Can I purchase spa gift vouchers for someone else?

Yes, spa gift vouchers make perfect presents for loved ones on special occasions. These can be purchased either online or at the physical location, depending on the availability and preferred method of payment. Some establishments even provide the option of customizing the voucher, adding a personal touch for the recipient.

Are there any special discounts or promotions available for spa massages?

Spas often run various promotional offers throughout the year, such as discounted rates, seasonal packages, loyalty programs, etc. It’s worth checking with your selected spa if they currently have any ongoing specials that you could take advantage of when booking a massage.

What should I wear during a spa massage?

During a traditional full body massage session where oils are used, it is customary to undress completely (underwear optional) in order to allow the therapist access to all areas needing attention. However, you will always be provided privacy to change into a robe before and after the treatment. If you feel more comfortable wearing undergarments, please communicate this preference beforehand so arrangements can be made to accommodate your request. For other types of treatments like foot reflexology or Indian head massage, there is no need to disrobe; you can remain fully clothed except for shoes and socks, which are removed at the start of the therapy.


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